Boris Linderoth
General Information
Name Boris Linderoth
Gender Male
Age Adult
Life Goal Living in the Lap of Luxury
House Slytherin
Career (position) Athletic (Rabid fan)
Marital Status Engaged
Partner Edith Wikström
Traits Workaholic, Good sense of humor, Snob, Athletic, Ambitious
Favourite Food Lobster Thermidor
Favourite Music Classical
Favourite Colour Grey
Boris Linderoth is the husband-to-be of Edith Wikström.


Early LifeEdit

Boris grew up in the semi-wealthy Linderoth-clan and was chosen as a future husband of the Wikström-heiress at an early age. He was sorted into Slytherin and attended Slytherin University, graduating with full marks.

Life in AdminvilleEdit

Upon returning to Adminville Boris was surprised to find that his future wife had postponed their wedding. His parents, however, assured him that nothing was wrong, that she just had a bit of cold feet, and Boris set to work building his future family's new home up by the mountains; a large mansion surrounded by rocks and pine trees. He was just about finished when his fiancé Edith Wikström called him and asked if she could move in with him so that they could prepare their wedding together. Overjoyed Boris said yes without considering her quick change of heart - which in fact was due to that she had become pregnant with her lover Daniel Gille and now hoped to cover it up by having pre-marriage intercourse with Boris and thus convincing people that he was in fact the child's father.


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