Daniel Gille
General Information
Name Daniel Gille
Gender Male
Age Adult
Life Goal Become a Superstar Athlete
House Gryffindor
Career (position) Athletic (Rabid fan)
Marital Status Single
Traits Brave, Loves the Outdoors, Handy, Athletic, Easily impressed
Favourite Food Ratatouille
Favourite Music Electronica
Favourite Colour Sea Foam
Daniel Gille is the lover of Edith Wikström and father of her unborn child.


Early LifeEdit

We do not know much about Daniel's life before he returned to Adminville after his time at University except for that in his teens he was sorted into Gryffindor, thus making him a student at Gryffindor University.

Life in AdminvilleEdit

When Daniel returned to Adminville he ran into his old classmate, upper-class girl Edith Wikström. The two headed out to dinner to reminisce about their childhood and after a few drinks in the private booth the two ended up in the adjoined jacuzzi, passionately making out. After that night Edith came by his house several times in order to make up for all the years they had been apart, but things turned a bit sour when Edith realized she was pregnant. As she was already engaged to be married she refused Daniel's proposal of running away and fled into the arms of her fiancé.


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