Edith Wikström
General Information
Name Edith Wikström
Gender Female
Age Adult
Life Goal Leader of the Free World
House Slytherin
Career (position) Political (Podium Polisher)
Marital Status Engaged
Partner Boris Linderoth
Parents Mr and Mrs Wikström
Traits Perfectionist, Daredevil, Hopeless romantic, Schmoozer, Ambitious
Favourite Food Tri-Tip Steak
Favourite Music Custom
Favourite Colour Lime
Edith Wikström is the heiress of the Wikström Empire, one of the most notable potion suppliers in the world.


Early LifeEdit

Edith grew up as a single child in the notable Wikström family. She realized in her teens that she was attracted to girls, but this was not accepted by her family and thus she has had to hide it.

University LifeEdit

Edith attended Slytherin University and was a notable party-girl. She met Sara Brode during one of these parties. In a drunken moment the two kissed and Edith revealed to Sara that she was gay, but that Sara could never tell anyone. Sara promised to keep her secret safe.

Life in AdminvilleEdit

After graduating from Slytherin University Edith got engaged to Boris Linderoth, but postponed the wedding. She instead moved into a room in a house owned by Rubina Black - a suggestion from her friend Sara, who also lived there. This way Edith could continue her care-free life. Edith also begun a sexual relationship with both of the other girls in the house.

After a party Edith brought home an old classmate named Daniel Gille. The two spent the night together and Edith soon found out that she had become pregnant with Daniel's child. In order to cover this "scandal" she moved in with her fiancée, Boris, in an effort to convince people that it was his child.



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