Julian Forbes (née Collin)
General Information
Name Julian Forbes
Gender Male
Age Adult
Life Goal Celebrated Five-Star Chef
House Slytherin
Career (position) Culinary (Kitchen Scullion)
Marital Status Married
Partner Kylie Forbes (wife)
Children Alicia Darrow (with Jannike Darrow)
Traits Good sense of humor, Great kisser, Virtuoso, Natural cook, Ambitious
Favourite Food Lobster Thermidor
Favourite Music Classical
Favourite Colour Black
Julian Forbes is the husband of Kylie Forbes.


Early LifeEdit

We do not know much about Julian's life before he met Kylie except for that he studied at Slytherin University.

Life in AdminvilleEdit

After finishing his time at Slytherin University Julian moved back to Adminville where he met Kylie Forbes. The two soon fell in love and got married. Julian did, however, also have a short affair with Jannike Darrow at this time, which resulted in the birth of Alicia Darrow - whom Julian thinks belongs to Jannike's husband Lauchie.


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