Katarina Blackford (née Langö)
General Information
Name Katarina Blackford
Gender Female
Age Adult
Life Goal Surrounded by Family
House Hufflepuff
Career (position) Law Enforcement (Snitch)
Marital Status Married
Partner Caitlin Blackford
Children Oscar Blackford
Kevin Blackford
Traits Good, Family-oriented, Excitable, Hopeless romantic, Frugal
Favourite Food Fruit Parfait
Favourite Music Classical
Favourite Colour Lilac
Katarina Blackford is the wife of Caitlin Blackford.


Early LifeEdit

We do not know much about Katarina's life before she met Caitlin except for that she was sorted into Hufflepuff and studied at Hufflepuff University.

Life in AdminvilleEdit

After finishing her time at Hufflepuff University Katarina moved back to Adminville where she met Caitlin Blackford. The two soon fell in love and got married. They spent their honeymoon on a tropical island and decided that when they got home they would adopt a pair of children. The first of these children was a boy named Oscar, the second a boy named Kevin.


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