Matticus Stark
General Information
Name Matticus Stark
Gender Male
Age Adult
Life Goal Golden Tongue, Golden Fingers
House Slytherin
Career (position) Music (Fan)
Marital Status Married
Partner Catarina Stark (wife)
Children Ashleigh Stark
Traits Virtuoso, Athletic, Schmoozer, Charismatic, Ambitious
Favourite Food Hot Dog
Favourite Music Custom
Favourite Colour Black
Matticus Stark is one of the main characters of the game (one of the Admins).


Early LifeEdit

Little is known about Matticus' early life. It would seem that he lived happily with his unnamed parents and possible siblings until he headed off to university as a young adult. In his teens he was named a Slytherin and thus attended Slytherin University later on.

Life in AdminvilleEdit

Upon moving back to Adminville Matticus moved into a house located on Slytherin Avenue in order to be able to associate with some of his previous friends from university.

Soon after moving back to Adminville Matticus met Catarina Skeppström, a former Ravenclaw student. The two soon entered a relationship and got married. Soon after their wedding Catarina became pregnant with their first child. At the end of the pregnancy she gave birth to the pair's firstborn daughter, Ashleigh.


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