Rubina Black
General Information
Name Rubina Black
Gender Female
Age Adult
Life Goal Heartbreaker
House Hufflepuff
Career (position) Music (Fan)
Marital Status Single
Partner (Sara Brode - on/off relationship)
Traits Brave, Flirty, Great kisser, Genious, Commitment Issues
Favourite Food Cobbler
Favourite Music Latin
Favourite Colour Black
Rubina Black is one of the main characters of the game (one of the Admins).


Early LifeEdit

Little is known about Rubina's early life. It would seem that she lived happily with her unnamed parents and possible siblings until she headed off to university as a young adult. In her teens Rubina came out as a homosexual. She was named a Hufflepuff and thus attended Hufflepuff University later on.

Life in AdminvilleEdit

Upon moving back to Adminville Rubina moved into a house located on Hufflepuff Drive in order to be able to associate with some of her previous friends from university.

Rubina has entered multiple relationships with various women in the neighborhood and wants to have even more in the end. She has an on/off-relationship with her former roommate Sara Brode, who has now come to live at Rubina's house in Adminville. She's also one of the few (women) who has a relationship with notable heiress Edith Wikström.


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