Sara Brode
General Information
Name Sara Brode
Gender Female
Age Adult
Life Goal Heartbreaker
House Hufflepuff
Career (position) Medical (Organ Donor)
Marital Status Single
Partner (Rubina Black - on/off girlfriend)
Traits Couch potato, Flirty, Great kisser, Clumsy, Hopeless romantic
Favourite Food Hamburger
Favourite Music Electronica
Favourite Colour Pink
Sara Brode is the roommate and on/off girlfriend of Rubina Black.


Early LifeEdit

We do not know much about Sara's life before her time at Hufflepuff University except for that she came out as a bisexual in her teens.

University LifeEdit

Sara attended Hufflepuff University. She shared a room with Rubina Black and the two entered an open relationship with one another. She also met heiress Edith Wikström and found out the notable woman's biggest secret.

Life in AdminvilleEdit

When Sara moved back to Adminville she moved in with Rubina, who had graduated earlier. The two continued their on/off relationship. Sara also asked Edith to move in with them and the two entered a secret relationship, hidden from Rubina (unknown to Sara Rubina was also in a relationship with Edith). When Edith moved out Sara befriended her fiancé Boris Linderoth in order to gain easier access to Edith's house (and her bed).


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