Silas Atwood
General Information
Name Silas Atwood
Gender Male
Age Adult
Life Goal Golden Tongue, Golden Fingers
House Slytherin
Career (position) Music (Fan)
Marital Status Married
Partner Linnea Atwood (wife)
Children Caleb Atwood
Ophelia Atwood
Parents Sir Atwood
Traits Good sense of humor, Brave, Great kisser, Athletic, Frugal
Favourite Food Hamburger
Favourite Music Pop
Favourite Colour Black
Silas Atwood is the heir of the mysterious Sir Atwood and husband of Linnea Atwood.


Early LifeEdit

Silas' background is mainly hidden away, but it is known that he is the only son of the mysterious Sir Atwood who owns several of the league's Quidditch Teams. Silas was sorted into Slytherin and attended Slytherin University, finishing with top grades as expected, and also started dating much younger Linnea Nichols when he was in his final year.

Life in AdminvilleEdit

Upon finishing university Silas moved back to Adminville and purchased the Cape, a large property by the sea. There he lived in solitude until Linnea graduated and moved in with him. The two soon got married and had a set of twins, Ophelia and Caleb.


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